Health Education M.S.

The health education profession is dedicated to excellence in the practice of promoting individual, family, organizational, and community health.  The M.S. in health education at Saint Joseph's University trains students to acknowledge the value of diversity in society and to embrace a cross-cultural approach as they assist individuals in making positive health-related social and behavioral changes.

Students are trained and mentored by expert faculty, many of whom are employed by surrounding health care institutions; this allows the faculty to provide invaluable practical insight for the graduate experience. The multidisciplinary curriculum spans community assessment, program planning and implementation, and health services research, among other areas. Students conclude their studies with a Capstone research project and the program offers optional field work opportunities to maximize students’ practical experience.

With national policy emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention, health education is a thriving field. Graduates assume positions of leadership and service as professional health educators in a variety of practice, research and policy-making settings. Students will truly effect change in the world with this meaningful education and career path in the health care field.