Business Administration A.B.A.

Format Offered: On Campus or Online


For the adult student looking to succeed in the workplace, business savvy and a grounding ethics are essential. Saint Joseph’s Haub Degree Completion Program does not simply educate students regarding best practices, but strives to promote better business — one student at a time. The associate degree in business administration equips students with a general understanding of the critical foundations of business, with classes in accounting, information systems, business law, economics, marketing and management. Upon completion of the degree, graduates will bring a well-rounded business approach to their work and can transition to a higher degree with ease, with all credits applying toward a bachelor’s degree from Saint Joseph’s Haub School of Business. As companies are tasked to do more with fewer resources, professionals with a comprehensive understanding of business can readily apply a Saint Joseph’s education to their everyday decision-making. Business education at Saint Joseph’s is not simply about climbing the corporate ladder — it’s about building better ones.