Communication Studies Major

Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies. The B.A. in Communication Studies is a major in the College of Arts and Sciences for students interested in specializing in digital media studies as an area of expertise. The major helps students develop advanced skills in communications with an emphasis on digital media studies, including multimedia writing, video editing and production, web content strategy and design, and writing for social media platforms.

Coursework will give you fundamental communication skills, and select classes from related disciplines will complement your individual interest and ambition. For instance, courses in journalism, photography and film provide insight into writing and creating visually effective pieces, and the business aspect of communications is emphasized in advertising, public relations and media management study.

There is no question that communication and information technologies will continue to influence the world, and the skills you develop as a major will help you create a future distinguished by innovation. While you perfect how you communicate, our ethics-based curriculum will shape your moral dimension, giving you a heightened awareness of your impact and responsibility as a communicator.

Communications studies is a new major at Saint Joseph’s, but our graduates have already entered the workforce as multi-media artists, video editors, copywriters and public relations specialists, in fields as diverse as business, government, non-profit, education and entertainment. 

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