Degree Requirements

The Art Education Major must take six foundation courses in the Education Department. Three of those require completion of one credit certification labs. Schools in Society should also be taken as a GEP course in Social Science. There is also a requirement of 12 credit hours of student teaching:


EDU 150

Schools in Society (3 credits)

EDU 151

Development, Cognition and Learning (3 credits)

EDU 152

Field Experience: Schools in Society (1 credit)

EDU 153

Field Experience: Development, Cognition and Learning (1 credit)

EDU 232

Reading Literature I (3 credits0

EDU 354

Literature, Language, and Culture (3 credits)

EDU 422

Instructional Techniques in Art Education (3 credits)

EDU 423

FIeld Experience: Instructional Techniques in Art Education (1 credit)

EDU 497

Student Teaching (12 credits)

SPE 230

Introduction to Special Education (3credits)

SPE 231

Field Experience: Introduction to Special Education (1 credit)


The Art Education Major must also take ten courses within the Department of Fine Arts and Performing Arts:


ART 101

Art History I, or the equivalent*

ART 102

Art History II, or the equivalent*

ART 121

Introduction to Studio Art, or the equivalent*

ART 144

Ceramics I, or the equivalent*

ART 157

Music History I, or the equivalent*

ART 172

Traditional Photography I, or the equivalent*

ART 221

Art Education in the Schools

ART 2xx

Any 200 level studio course

ART 495

Senior Project I

ART 496

Senior Project II

* "equivalents" are to be determined with the signed recommendation of the academic advisor

Art Education majors must also fulfill the GEP requirements of the Art Integrative Learning Component (see above).

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