As a student in the Honors Program, students have access to the most diverse and stimulating classes that the university has to offer. The program also offers the unique opportunity to learn from several distinguished professors at once in our team-taught courses. For a full listing of courses and abstracts from 2010-11, click here.

Examples of Team-Taught Classes

America: Myths, Images, Realities
Modern Mosaic: Europe 1880 to Present
Paradoxes, Problems and Proofs: Philosophical Issues in Mathematics
Reason, Revolution and Reaction
Pens and Guns: The Literary Road to the American Civil War
Civil Rights: Law and Society
Jewish and Christian Interpretations of the Bible
Women’s Writing as Emancipation

Individual Honors Courses

Introduction to Information Systems: The Road to Rio
Religious Vision in Film and Literature
Sexuality and Gender in the Ancient World
Religious Diversity
Violence and Nonviolence
Chemistry in Daily Life
Modern and Postmodern Mood
The Franco-Afro-Caribbean Story
Cults and Culture: Sex, Gender, and Family in Cults
Nietzsche, Wagner, and the 19th Century Cult of Genius

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