International Marketing M.S.

Today more than ever, success in business demands an international orientation and the competencies to market products and services anywhere in the world.

Saint Joseph's master's degree in international marketing (MIM) will prepare you for the global marketplace by taking you across borders and cultures to learn about the world's most dynamic business practices. You will broaden your horizons through discussions with a diverse student body, learn from world-class faculty and explore new cultures during an international study tour. The program includes U.S. and international students from a variety of business and non-business backgrounds which provides for an academically rich classroom environment.

The MIM curriculum is thoughtfully designed to teach you the principles of international marketing from a global perspective. Consistent with the University's Jesuit mission, the program incorporates ethics and social justice issues into all coursework, offering you an appreciation of global business in all its dimensions. By learning about countries in varying stages of economic development, you will gain an appreciation for the disparities and opportunities that exist in our world.

The MIM program brought to life with the help of our international and cosmopolitan student body, which greatly enhances cross-cultural awareness. Students also benefit from the practical application of case studies, prominent guest speakers.

We look forward to welcoming you to our corner of the global village.

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