Degree Requirements

A total of eleven (11) courses are required for the degree of Master of Science in Homeland Security. They are broadly grouped into a public safety and an administrative component.

M.S. in Homeland Security Core Required seven (7) courses

CRJ 612

Police Executive Management

CRJ 613

Technology for the Police Executive

PSE 560

Seminar: Special/Target Hazard Planning and Evaluation

PSE 553

Seminar: Disaster Planning and Management

CRJ 640

Terrorism: Threats and Strategies

CRJ 641

Homeland Security

PSE 795

Case Study in Homeland Security

Electives: Four (4) of the following courses

PSE 550

Fire Department Organization and Management

PSE 602

Research and Evaluation

PSE 603

Emergency Medical Services Management

PSE 551

Management Principles and Practices

PSE 604

Critical Incident Stress Management

PSE 554

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

PSE 770

Independent Study in Public Safety

PSE 557

Environmental Law and Enforcement

PSE 605

EPA/OSHA Issues for Health Care Institutions

PSE 555

Risk Analysis

PSE 607

Seminar: Environmental Crime

PSE 608

Strategic Planning for the Public Safety Sector

PSE 611

Seminar: Global Chemical Regulations and Compliance Management

Students may substitute up to 2 courses (6 credit hours) from the M.S. in Criminal Justice, M.S. in Public Safety Management and M.S. in Environmental Protection and Safety Management Programs.

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