Homeland Security M.S.

At Saint Joseph’s, the M.S. in homeland security offers students the opportunity to examine strategies, develop communication skills, execute plans and learn about contemporary issues of terrorism which affect both the public and private sectors in our society today. The program curriculum assists students in building strategies to prevent, and partnerships to prepare, for homeland security incidents.

The program’s main focus is on identifying threats and learning the critical infrastructure protections needed in the United States today. Degree candidates are privy to an ongoing, active network of Homeland Security professionals, including alumni of the program, which is an invaluable resource for its students. Additionally, Homeland Security faculty bring years of experience to the graduate learning process for a real-world, practical education.

Personally and professionally motivated, graduates have achieved positions as directors of public safety, federal officers, chiefs of police, and more. Graduates of the M.S. in homeland security program are inspired to keep our country safe and recognize that their experience at Saint Joseph’s transcends the classroom.

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