Behavior Analysis

The concentration in behavior analysis is designed for students who are interested in developing their knowledge and training in behavior analysis.The applications of behavior analysis are very broad, serving those who provide a variety of behavior management services, including individuals trained as behavior specialists, mobile therapists, educational consultants, speech-language pathologists, school counselors, social workers, criminal justice professionals, and human services professionals. Learn more about applied behavior analysis through the Association for Behavior Analysis International©.
Four core courses are required.
CRJ 550 Research Methods and Analysis
CRJ 575 Advanced Research Methods and Analysis
CRJ 560 Criminological Theory
CRJ 565 Ethics and Criminal Justice
CRJ 570 Professional Writing for Law Enforcement
Concentration in Behavior Analysis Specialized Area Courses
All six required.
CRJ 622 Basic Principles of Behavior Analysis
CRJ 623 Applied Behavior Analysis
CRJ 624 Behavior Analysis: Consultation
CRJ 625 Behavioral Development
CRJ 626 Clinical Behavior Analysis
CRJ 657 Ethics in Behavior Analysis Internship Courses (Optional)
CRJ 790 Internship in Behavior Analysis I
CRJ 791 Internship in Behavior Analysis II
CRJ 792 Internship in Behavior Analysis III

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