Environmental and Sustainability Studies Concentration

Environmental and sustainability studies goes beyond ‘going green’, our focus is holistic - a consideration of people, production and profit.

Experts are learning more about how human beings affect the complex systems in nature. From theories of global warming to ethical dilemmas on how to handle waste, companies are under public scrutiny to lessen their environmental footprint.

Adult students can pursue education in the growing field of environmental and sustainability studies as a concentration within the more inclusive Professional and Liberal Studies degree. Students delve into the theoretical and the practical implications of a business’ impact on the environment as well as the impact of the environment on business practices. Coursework includes topics from the natural sciences, economics and business or social issues as they relate to the environment and its sustainability.

As issues of climate change, ethical issues in business and global health concerns remain in the public eye, Saint Joseph’s prepares students to address these moral and social dilemmas in a business context.

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