Financial Planning B.S.

The financial planning program in the College of Professional and Liberal Studies equips adult students with the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly complex economic market.

Of the many resources available to financial planning students at Saint Joseph's, perhaps the most notable is the Wall Street Trading Room, located in Mandeville Hall. The room provides access to electronic sources with financial and investment data, analytical tools and trading simulations, allowing students to work more effectively. The trading simulations provide real-life experiences, and the continuous access to financial data/software creates an integrated learning environment.

What sets this program apart, in fact, is the real world experiences students gain. For example, the Student Managed Investments course offered in the program allows students to manage a portfolio of 25 to 35 different stocks. The money invested is real, helping students make challenging financial decisions and gain confidence in investing.

Graduates of the financial planning program at SJU go on to careers in business financial management, banking, securities and commodity brokerage, consulting, insurance, financial planning and small business entrepreneurship.

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