Student Life

Sexual Misconduct & Violence: Support & Resources


If you choose to report an instance of sexual violence and are interested in participating in the criminal process only (not interested in notifying or reporting the assault to SJU,) please see the details below for further information.

 Criminal Process:

  • Contact local police to report the assault - dial 911.
  • You can request a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) through Philadelphia or Montgomery Counties.
  • An investigation is conducted by the local police with possible assistance from SJU Public Safety.
  • The completed investigation report is forwarded to the appropriate District Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution.
  • Prosecution occurs in criminal court.


If SJU becomes aware of an assault, the following process may also apply:

• The campus investigation and hearing process will be explained by the Office of Community Standards or the Office of Student Outreach & Support.

• SJU will initiate a campus investigation, and you will be notified of the outcome.  Please be aware that SJU may also need to notify local police.

• SJU “contact”, “area” or “campus” restrictions may be issued to those involved through the University.

• A campus hearing will be facilitated by the Office of Community Standards (in the case of a student on student assault).

• You will be notified of the outcome of a campus hearing regardless of your level of participation.

• Depending on your level of participation, SJU may be limited in ability to respond.