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Club Sport Forms for Officers and Participants

This page has available all forms needed for current club officers to use for: participation, travel, club history, referees, web updates and many other topics.Forms can be downloaded and submitted via email to Angie at , dropped off in the Club Sport Office or faxed to 610-660-1715

All Club Sport participants are required to have medical / health and accident insurance. If the participant does not have existing coverage, information about a plan is available in the Student Life Office, Center for International Programs, and the Student Health Center.

Additionally, all Club Sport participants are required to have a current Physical on file in the Club office. This requires a student submitting a new form each year of participation. Copies of the participants Insurance and Physical information must be on file in the Recreation Office prior to any participation with the club.

Medical/Insurance/Participation Forms

1. Club Sport Waiver and Emergency Procedures Form (due the beginning of the academic year)

2. Physical and Athlete Questionaire (due the beginning of the academic year)

3. Personal Insurance Form (due the beginning of the academic year)

4. Injury Report Form - to be completed immediatley following ANY injury on or off campus and turned in to Angie within 24 hours. This form must also accommany a secondary insurance claim form which can be picked up in the Club Sport office.

5. Duty to Notify Form (due the beginning of the academic year)

Travel Forms

Clubs traveling off campus for any reason are required to fill out the following forms. 

1. Travel Authorization (due 5 business days before travel)

2.  Travel Roster (due 5 business days before team leaves campus)

3. Driver Attest (due once per year for each player who will be driving his/her vehicle)