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Welcome to the Housing Selection process - Freshman Housing Selection is July 28th-August 1st!

Housing Tutorial


Below are some inportant reminders for the Housing Selection Process:

  • Freshmen may select as an individual and receive a random roommate OR may select with a known roommate(s).
  • Known roommate groups must be "Accepted" through the Housing Application.
  • If you select with a roommate, the student with the earliest time can make the selection for both students.
  • If a floor/suite has partially occupied spaces, The Office of Residence Life may consolidate students within the same floor/suite to make available completely vacant rooms for later selection times. If your assignment is updated, you will receive an email notification. 

Because Housing Selection is a "live" process, we are not able to change selections once they have been made. If you have made a selection and wish to change it, we will remove your original selection and assign you a new selection time at the end of the selection process on August 1st. This will enable you to make another selection at the later time or to be assigned with your roommate's selection (if applicable).

Housing Application and Room/Roommate Information is always accessible in your Housing Application via MySJU within the "SJU Today" tab.

For more information, please contact the Office of Residence Life at or (610)660-1060