Student Life

Residence Life

Xavier Hall
  An all male housed named after Saint Francis Xavier, a Jesuit saint who was a missionary to the Far East. Acquired September 1960.

Configuration:  Campus house with a variety of room configurations (singles, doubles, triples).

Location: Lapsley Lane - Merion Campus

Xavier Hall Layout    Amenities

(Note layouts are not to scale nor in actual proportion)

Amenities: Furnishings: 
Kitchen with stove/oven, microwave & refrigerator
Lounge space
Basic cable television service included                    
Ethernet access
Building wide wireless network access

University meal plan required
Laundry facilities
Vending machines
 Each room has the following furniture 
 (1 per resident in room)

Bed (standard twin)
Desk & Chair
Closet and/or Wardrobe