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 Building Layout: 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th 

McShain, built in 1988, is named in honor of John McShain, an alumnus who built Barbelin Hall as well as numerous buildings in Washington D.C. The City Avenue bridge connects the Lower Merion (and McShain) side of campus to the city side)

Capacity: 280 residents (Co-ed by wing)

McShain Room Dimensions (typical)
19' 6" Length x 10' 6" Width

 McShain Hall is a co-ed facility and one of the University's newest residence halls, with housing for 280 students - approximately thirty on each hall. McShain was built in 1988 to meet the demand for campus housing. The building is constructed of ashlar limestone and the Gothic design reflects the more traditional values of the University. The facility links the Merion and Central campuses with a bridge across City Avenue. The facility is named in honor of Mr. John McShain, a renowned Philadelphia architect, who also designed and built the Barbelin building.

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 Amenities:   Furnishings: 
Individual hall lounges and study areas
Common bathroom areas
Erivan Karl Haub Center - (Conference center)
Air conditioning in all student rooms
Billiard area and lounge space in an attractive solarium
Basic cable television service included (Comcast)
Ethernet access
Building wide wireless network access
24-hour security desk
University meal plan required
Laundry facilities
Vending Machines
   Each room has the following furniture   
(1 per resident in room):

Bed (standard twin)
Desk & Chair
Closet with built in dresser

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