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Spring 2016 Closing

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Please review the following frequently asked questions about the moving out of your University housing assignment. Please read them carefully to avoid any charges.

When do I need to move out?

Students should plan to move out 24-hours after their last exam or by 12:00pm (noon) on Wednesday, May 11th, whichever comes first. If you are required to stay beyond this date, please review the Spring Extension Information. (back to top)

What if I need to stay beyond the closing date?

A closing extension through 12:00pm (noon) on May 15th is available for students required to stay on campus during a specified period after halls have officially closed. Requests will only be granted for extraordinary or school-related purposes. Additionally, students applying for extension housing must agree to the terms outlined in the Extension Housing Agreement (available below). Please click on the link below to submit your request for a closing extension. All requests must be received by 5:00pm on May 3rd.


Extension Housing Agreement (read only file)

Students who are approved for Extension Housing will receive a notification of their approval or denial of request in an email. Students with an extension may be consolidated to a different building to accommodate facility and housekeeping schedules. Any student who is found in the building during the duration of the extension period without approval are in violation of Community Standards and may face sanctions and/or fines. (back to top)

How do I check out from my room?

1. Sign up for a check-out appointment with your RA or a Residence Life staff member within your building

2. Remove all personal belongings, clean your room/apartment and return furniture to the original configuration. The staff will be unable to complete the check-out if these things are not finished.

3. Be present at your scheduled appointment time to review the space with the RA and to sign the Room Condition Report/Check-Out form.

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What do I need to clean?

All areas of the room/apartment must be swept/vacuumed. All surfaces should be wiped down (including tops of desks & dressers in rooms and stovetops and refridgerator shelves in apartments). Be sure to clean behind and under furniture and to empty all drawers(personal belongings are often forgotten from under the beds or inside drawers). All trash must be taken to the designated dumpsters for your building. (back to top)

I rented a Microfridge - what do I need to do you have it picked up?

The Microfridge should be defrosted and thoroughly cleaned. You may leave it in your room, labeled with your name. The company has scheduled specifc dates to come to pick them up. (back to top)

Can I leave my area rug in my room for the next residents?

Rugs that are left behind will be removed. Rugs may be rolled and left in the room to be thrown away after your departure. Rugs that are not rolled may result in a removal charge. (back to top)

What should I do with my key(s)?

If you check out with a Residence Life staff member, your key will be collected during your check-out appointment. If you do not check out with a Residence Life Staff member, your key must be returned to the Express Check-Out Key Box located at the Front Desk of your building (or within your area if your building does not have a Front Desk). Please note - if you choose to do an Express Check-Out, you will waive your right to appeal any damages billed to your room. (back to top)

What if I lost my key(s) or accidentally took them home after I moved out?

If you lost your key(s), you may visit the Office of Residence Life to complete a "Lost Key Form" and borrow a spare key for your space until you check-out. You may also simply inform the Residence Life staff member who is completing your check-out that you have lost your key(s). When a key is lost, we will request a lock change for that room to ensure the security of the space. Lock changes will be billed directly to the student's account.

If you moved out and forgot to return your key(s), you may mail them back to the following address. BE SURE TO WRAP THE KEY IN ANOTHER ENVELOPE OR IN SOME PAPER TO PREVENT THE KEY FROM CUTTING THROUGH THE ENVELOPE IN TRANSIT!

Saint Joseph's University

Office of Residence Life

Attention: Keys

5600 City Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19131

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What happens to my mail over the summer?

Mail delivery to buildings will be stopped during the summer months. You should change your address through

Summer Housing buildings (Rashford, McShain, Townhouses, and Merion Gardens) will continue to receive mail for summer residents only. (back to top)


What if I forget something from my room and I have checked out?

You should contact your RAM/RHM as soon as possible to schedule a time to return to campus to pick up your forgotten item. Please be aware that Facilities and Housekeeping will begin to service rooms immediately following students' departures - if your room has already been serviced, it is possible that forgotten personal items have already been discarded. (back to top)


Where can I find information about summer housing options?

Summer Housing information is available HERE. Applications are currently available and may be access through the Housing Application Portal on The Nest. Students who have a summer housing assignment on-campus will be eligible for an extension through May 15th, although they may have to move into a temporary location to allow for the preparation of their current space. (back to top)

How will I know if I have been billed for a damage?

Residence Life and Facilities Management staff will perform walk-throughs of all buildings after students have checked out. If damages and/or excessive cleaning charges are applicable, the student(s) of that room/apartment/community will be notified via email. Charges will be distributed equally among residents of the designated locations. Charge amounts will be available to view through the Nest

If you are aware of a damage in your room/apartment and wish to claim responsibility for it, you may submit a "Damage Claim Form" which will be available from your RHM/RAM office or within the red check-out bags.(back to top)