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Saint Joseph's University is strengthened as an institution by the vitality of Wynnefield, Overbrook Farms and Merion Station neighborhoods. The campus is situated on City Avenue in a unique urban-suburban hybrid of communities. These neighborhoods contribute greatly to the diversity of the educational opportunities available to students.


Student Handbook

The relationships between universities and the communities in which they are situated are by nature both symbiotic and fragile; Saint Joseph's is no exception. Over the years, mutual concerns have centered on student behavior.

The following guidelines for off-campus conduct are listed in order to uphold standards of behavior that should be demonstrated by Saint Joseph's University students when they are present in the surrounding neighborhoods and to demonstrate respect and concern for all members of the local community.


1. Be courteous to the residents in the community. Do not litter. Do not congregate or loiter on neighboring streets where off campus apartments are located.

2. Operate stereos and other electronic equipment at reasonable sound levels. Keep noise levels within apartments and on streets at reasonable levels, especially during late evenings and early mornings.

3. Respect the property of others and refrain from public urination.

4. Do not use rude, profane or abusive language in dealing with members of the community.

5. Maintain an orderly residence. Put trash/garbage in sealed containers and out the night before or the morning of trash day.

6. Find out about the recycling policy in the community.

7. Hang appropriate window coverings for privacy on windows.

8. Put only outdoor furniture on the porch.

The following are representative of a disorderly residence (these are illustrative and should not be exhaustive):

  • Violating Pennsylvania State alcohol laws at the residence

  • Using or selling drugs

  • Hosting parties resulting in public drunkenness/and late night disruptions to the neighborhood

*In cases involving student misconduct off campus, the University reserves the right to exercise its discretion in taking judicial action. If found responsible, students may be subject to the same sanctions imposed for campus violations.

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Educational Housing District Law

Living in the community also means that as a resident you must abide by local ordinances and codes. All violations of area codes and ordinances are subject to punishment by law.

Philadelphia County Housing Definitions:

Chapter 14-100 (33) Zoning and Planning Code

(33) Family. A person living independently or a group of persons living as a single

household unit using housekeeping facilities in common, but not to include more than three persons unrelated by blood, marriage or adoption;

Chapter 14-100 (28)

(a) A single-family dwelling shall be a dwelling occupied as the home or residence of one (1) family;

(b) A duplex dwelling shall be a dwelling occupied as the home or residence of two (2) families, under one (1) roof, each family occupying a single unit;

(c) A multiple dwelling shall be a dwelling occupied by three (3) or more families, including rooming and boarding houses and similar dwellings, except hotels, apartment hotels and motels;

Lower Merion-No more than 3 unrelated people

Upper Merion-No more than 2 unrelated people

Haverford- No more than 3 unrelated people

The Philadelphia Code


Chapter 10-400 Noise

Chapter 10-501 Property Damage

Chapter 10-603 Loitering

Chapter 10 604 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 10-609 Public Urination

Certificate of Rental Suitability- Bill #060010A