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SJU Green Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Green Fund?

The Green Fund is a student-sponsored initiative with two goals. The first goal, which is a short term goal, is to implement a foundation account that will be open to Saint Joseph's University faculty, students, and alumni to donate to. The long term goal is to have a five-dollar contribution added to the semesterly bill, which will generate around $42,500 a year. The money generated will go towards sustainably-progressive programs, such as upgrades, educational programs and events.


How much does it cost?

5 dollars per semester


What will it pay for?

The scope of what the Green Fund will pay for depends on the creativity of its applicants. All projects will have a positive impact on the natural environment. Some possibilities include: investment in clean energy, energy efficiency, water conservation, green buildings, sustainable transportation, expanded recycling and composting, student internships, and more!

The Green Fund does NOT pay for anything the university is already required to do by law or policy


Who decides how the money is spent?

The money in both the foundation and the future fund will be regulated by the Green Fund Advisory Board, which is composed of faculty and staff members, and student representatives.


Why should everyone pay $5?

The answer is simple: the environment affects everyone. We can't escape it-it is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the ground we walk on, it is all around us. It is our duty to protect these things, if not globally, at least locally here at Saint Joseph's University.


How will I know how my $5 is spent?

The Green Fund Advisory Board will post annual reports to the Green Fund website.


Who initiated The Green Fund at Saint Joseph's University?

A group of Saint Joseph's University Students who were ready to make change happen.


Who can get the money from The Green Fund?

The Green Fund will be available to those who can show that their initiatives will have a direct benefit to the Saint Joseph's University community. Applications will be reviewed by the GFAB.


Where does the money go if it isn't spent?

It is almost certain that all available money will be spent each year because there are far too many sustainability projects that need to be completed on campus. If for some reason, the money isn't spent by a project it will return to the fund for the next year and will be reallocated then.


How hard will it be for organizations and groups on campus to receive funding from The Green Fund? Is it really restrictive?

Students, groups, organizations, faculty, staff, administration and community members are all eligible to apply for funding. All applicants will have to go through the same processes in order to receive The Green Fund's support. The groups will have to show how their project will have a positive impact on the natural environment as well as have a budget for the GFAB to review. The GFAB will review all applications case-by-case, and projects that benefit Saint Joseph's Students will be considered first. As far as the scope of the projects, the GFAB can only be as creative as the applicants.


How will the students know about these projects and the achievements of The Green Fund? Will any documents be available to the public?

Unless specified by the applying groups, all approved gift applications will be made public on The Green Fund website. All final reports made by recipients will be made public via website. With the exception of gift-allocation meetings, all GFAB meetings will be open.