Student Life


Individual Counseling

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)  offers a safe and confidential setting where personal concerns can be openly explored and discussed with a staff psychologist or doctoral level trainee (under supervision). Full-time students can be provided up to 40 sessions throughout their years at Saint Joseph's University.  A brief counseling focus typically meets the needs of most students and can be utilized flexibly on multiple occasions throughout a college career. Those in need of long-term, ongoing counseling are typically referred to providers in the local community after an initial assessment. Please note, CAPS urgent care walk-in service, emergency response, group and workshop offerings are available to all students, regardless of the 40 session counseling limit.  Counseling services are voluntary, confidential and free-of-charge.  Please see our appointments and eligibility page for more information about our counseling programs and what we provide to full-time students vs part-time students.   

Individual counseling is usually done by appointment except in emergencies. With rare exception, individual counseling sessions last 45 minutes.

SJU students can and do seek individual counseling to:

  • increase self-confidence
  • become more assertive
  • overcome loneliness
  • deal with problems involving drug or alcohol use/abuse 
  • control test anxiety
  • develop more satisfying relationships
  • change unhealthy eating habits
  • overcome feelings of depression and/or anxiety
  • cope more effectively with stress
  • deal with the loss/death of a loved one
  • work through a decision
  • gain insight into a conflict
  • come to terms with a traumatic experience