Student Life


Group Counseling

In addition to individual counseling, on-going support groups and discussion groups may be offered on a variety of topics.   Groups that have been provided to students in past years are listed below.  Please note: Students who may have reached the limit of 40 individual counseling sessions are eligible for group participation.  Some groups require an initial screening to determine if the group can effectively meet their needs.

  • Bereavement Support Group:  For any student who has ever lost a loved one; Contact Dr. Bev Cutler for more information.
  • Freshman Funk: For any freshman who is not enjoying college life as much as s/he had hoped;  Contact Dr Natalie Petyk-Barnes
  • Hawkward Moments::  for students with social anxiety, self-consciousness, shyness, or feelings of isolation, led by Dr Ernie Hermosisima
  • Managing Procrastination and Building Self-Confidence: A 3-session structured group experience that utilizes science-based, psychological methods to help students manage the self-defeating affliction of procrastination run by Dr Greg Nicholls.
  • Anxiety and Stress Relief: a workshop series that incorporates mindfulness, meditation and self-compassion run by Dr Greg Nicholls

    Additional groups may be offered throughout the academic year depending on students' needs and requests.