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Counseling and Psychological Services

Welcome to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)! Our office promotes the psychological well-being of the SJU community through preventive programming and therapeutic interventions. CAPS provides individual and group counseling, workshops, guest lectures, referral services, consultation and training.

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Brief, Anonymous  and Confidential Online Mental Health Screenings


Our Services

Individual Counseling Individual Counseling - CAPS offers a safe atmosphere where personal concerns can be openly explored and discussed with a professionally trained psychologist. Counseling services are voluntary, confidential and free of charge.
Group Counseling Group Counseling - For wider-ranging issues, ongoing support groups and discussion groups are offered on a variety of topics.
Group Counseling Outreach and Consultation - The professional staff of CAPS is available to provide educational programs in classrooms or residence halls for students, faculty and staff.
Self Help

Self Help - Learn to improve your own mental health with this sampling of handouts we have available at CAPS and from counseling centers around the country.


Confidentiality Statement:
So that students and employees can consult with a psychologist and talk freely, the Counseling Center maintains strict professional standards of confidentiality and privacy. These standards of confidentiality are subject to limitations of law and University policy stipulating responsibility to inform those in a position to intercede when a client is deemed to be a danger to self or others. To ensure the highest quality of care, psychologists may consult on cases with one another in the Center. Every effort is made to safeguard the privacy of the client during these consultations.