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What is a Community Standards Advisor?

At any time during the Community Standards process, the respondent or complainant may consult with an advisor from the community. An advisor is a member of the University community who a student is permitted to consult with throughout the process, including accompanying the student to meetings/hearings within the Community Standards process. Advisors are not to speak or ask questions on behalf of the student during these meetings/hearings.

Non-University advisors, including parents and legal counsel, are not allowed to serve as advisors, inspect hearing records during the hearing process, or attend the hearing. The Office of Community Standards has the final determination as to who may serve as an advisor. If interested, trained advisors are listed on the Community Standards website (, and trained advisor lists are available in the Office of Community Standards (Campion 239).

The following individuals have received training on the Community Standards process at Saint Joseph's University and avail themselves to students who may be looking for an advisor through the process.

Trained Community Standards Advisors

Jessica Moran Buckridge

Residence Life



Kelly Bersett

Residence Life



Sarah Jones

Residence Life



Sarah Smith

Residence Life

Merion Gardens

(610) 747-4153

Jessica Brown

Residence Life


(610) 660-1463

Ashley Archer

Residence Life


(610) 660-2567

Arielle Diggs

Residence Life


(610) 660-3120

Shawn Washart

Residence Life


(610) 660-1388

Louis Gardiner

Residence Life


(610) 660-1480

Alex Iannucci

Residence Life


(610) 747-4795

Laura Egan

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Campion 239