Web-Based Resources

Ask The Experts Series:
Alumni, industry partners, and the Career Development Center staff share their expertise on a variety of career and professional development topics in this webinar series created for SJU Hawks. 

If you missed any of the Career Development Center's webinars the first time around, or if you want to view them again, click on the topics below.  While you are welcome to browse all topics, they are coded to help you find information that matches your education level - undergraduate student (UG), graduate student (G), adult student (AS) or alumni (A).

Come Teach at Uncommon Schools (UG, G, AS, A)

Top 5 Tips to Crank Up Your Impact & Results on LinkedIn (UG, G, AS, A)

Roadmap to Graduate Study featuring Dr. Don Martin (UG, AS, A)

The Call to Lead: Transitioning from an Employee to a Leader (G, AS, A)

How to Be an Effective Mentor (AS, A)

Interview Prep for Investment Banking (UG, G, A)

Reinventing Your Career: Strategies for Making a Successful Career Change (G, AS, A)

Job Search Strategies: Networking for Success (G, AS, A)

Masters Level Opportunities with Vanguard (G, A)

SEI Investments: Infusing Business & Technology Careers (UG, G, AS)

LinkedIn for Professional Purposes (UG, G, AS, A)

Networking Basics (UG, G, AS, A)

Network Like A Pro (Even If You Don't Feel Like One)  (UG, G, AS, A)

Land a Job in a Tough Economy (UG, G, AS, A)

Using Your Advanced Degree to Land a Job or Promotion (G, AS, A) - presented by Vanguard

Presenting a Professional Presence (UG, G, AS, A) - presented by Aaron Rose of Bancroft 

SJU Connects Webinars (UG, G, AS, A) - multiple job search webinars and industry profiles located on SJU Connects site.  

Career & Professional Development Videos & Resources:
When changing or advancing your career, inspiration can come from multiple sources. Check out some Career Development Center staff picks for favorite videos and resources.

What It Takes to be a Great Leader - Rosalinde Torres

Luck Is No Accident - John Krumboltz interview (part 3 of 3) 

LinkedIn.com/alumni - Identify fellow alumni for job search assistance and general networking opportunities.  Logging in to LinkedIn required to access this site

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are - Amy Cuddy


If you missed the series "Supporting Your Student's Career & Professional Development" , click on the class year below that aligns with your student's for tips on resources and programs appropriate for each year.