Extended Term-of-Service Opportunities


Long-Term Volunteer Work



Congressional Hunger Center
Including the Bill Emerson Hunger Fellowship, a year-long fellowship for those interested in fighting hunger and poverty.

Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs
A nine-month, full-time, graduate-level leadership program that introduces diverse, intelligent and driven young public servants to all aspects of the public affairs arena.

Echoing Green’s Fellowship Program
Offers a two-year fellowship to individuals with innovating ideas for creating new models for tackling seemingly unsolvable social challenges. These Fellowships offer the opportunity to expand and test these ideas.

Green Corps’ Environmental Leadership Training Program
A paid, 13-month, full-time field school for environmental organizing and activism. The program features classroom, field work and career placement components.


Long-Term Volunteer Work
Volunteer Search Engines

Provides full-time members to nonprofit, faith-based and other community organizations and public agencies to create and expand programs that ultimately bring low-income individuals and communities out of poverty.

Idealist is a leading site in the non-profit sector. 

Philly Fellows
A year-long experience working with a diverse variety of non-profit organizations in Philadelphia.


Volunteer Programs

Camphill Soltane
A year-long, full time program aimed at creating a supportive environment and a college experience for young adults with disabilities, emphasizing self-advocacy, ongoing education, meaningful work and the transition into adulthood.

Christian Appalachian Project
An interdenominational, nonprofit Christian organization committed to serving people in need in Appalachia by providing physical, spiritual and emotional support through a wide variety of programs and services.

City Year
A national service program that unites young adults, aged 17-24, from diverse racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds for a year of full-time community service, leadership development and civic engagement.

Inner-City Teaching Corps of Chicago
A volunteer service program that places outstanding recent college graduates as teachers in inner-city Chicago classrooms. The ICTC also offers other opportunities for service-based professional development.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps
Offers 1-2 year commitments in both the United States or internationally at hundreds of grassroots organizations that provide service to low-income people.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest
Offers 1 year commitments in the Northwest - Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington in organizations that provide service to low-income people.

Lutheran Volunteer Corps
An urban ministry that matches full-time volunteers with programs that serve people in need in the Omaha, NE area.

A year-long service program aimed at tackling academic disparities with disadvantaged students. Each MATCH Corps member is assigned four urban high school students with whom they build an in-depth relationship throughout the year as they work toward clear goals in academic classes and on key exams like the MCAS, SAT and AP.

Mercy Volunteer Corps
A 1-2 year-long service program in the United States in both urban and rural regions. All Mercy Volunteers work with those who are economically poor or marginalized in a spirit of solidarity and mutuality; live simply in community; and commit to personal and communal spiritual growth.

Peace Corps
A US government organization of men and women who live in a country outside the US for two years, working at the grass-roots level to help solve some of the most important challenges facing the developing world.

Public Allies
A program for young adults, aged 18-30, who commit to ten months of intensive leadership training and a professional apprenticeship. Allies receive a living allowance, health and child care benefits, and an educational award.

Teach for America
The national corps of recent college graduates, of all academic majors, who commit two years to teach in under-resourced urban and rural public schools with the overall aim of eliminating education inequity.

United Planet
An international nonprofit organization devoted to inspiring global citizenship and cross-cultural understanding through a range of diverse initiatives, such as one- to twelve-week, six-month, and one-year volunteer service programs in over 50 countries.

Vincentian Service Corps
Organization for men and women who want to give one year of their lives to serve the poor, live in community with other Corps members and experience a simple lifestyle.


Volunteer Insight

Corporation for National & Community Service
Provides full-time members to nonprofit, faith-based and other community organizations and public agencies to create and expand programs that ultimately bring low-income individuals and communities out of poverty.

Idealist.org Service Opportunities
Idealist is a leading site in the non-profit sector.