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ERI Economic Research Institute was founded in 1987 to provide compensation, benefits, and Human Resource research for private and public organizations in the form of published reports and software database products.

Glassdoor provides an inside look at salaries, reviews and interview questions posted by employees at over 280,000 organizations. Content includes actual interview questions and reviews for specific employers from previous interview candidates; specific salary, bonus, and commission details; and reviews of the company culture and working conditions. Click this Glassdoor link for unlimited access to Glassdoor without having to create an account, provide personal information, or contribute any content.

Monster's Salary Center
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NACE Salary Calculator
Salary data for more than 500 occupations.

Thinking of relocating?  Review this cost of living calculator to get an idea of how costs at SJU compare to other cities around the world.  Review city profiles and detailed information. builds on-demand software around a deep domain knowledge in the area of compensation to help customers win the war for talent by simplifying the connections between people, pay and performance.

Online resources that gives information about salary ranges for a particular occupation.

Salary Guides & Guidance
An online guide to salaries.

Salary Survey by JobStar
JobStar's Salary Surveys provides links and descriptions of 300+ free salary surveys or summaries.