International Students

Provides country-specific resources to support your job search process in the USA or your home country. 
Provides reports of Top 100 Visa sponsors by location, occupation, and industry. 

Visa Jobs Near SJU
Provides a listing of Visa sponsors near Saint Joseph's University.

Resumes for International Students 
Before you begin applying for positions, view this webinar to learn more about best practices for resume-writing in the United States.

Presentations from 2nd Annual International Career Conference - November 12, 2016

U.S. Immigration and Employment: Building Effective Strategies for Short and Long Term Employment in the U.S.
This session presented by Emily M. Cohen, Esq. is designed to help students understand employment based immigration matters before entering the job market.  The session covers work-related, non-immigrant related visas, interview tips, and critical timing issues related to OPT, the H-1 cap and visa availability.  It also covers immigration opportunitites for foreign entrepreneurs, including information on the proposed International Entrepreneur Parole Rule.

Personal and Professional Insights: Securing an Internship or Job in the U.S.
This session offers participants ideas and information from alums and employers about how to secure employment within the US. Specific topics include strategies on how to best present your skills to employers as well as personal insights from panelists.  

International Alumni Experiences
This session focuses on getting a job in the U.S. as an international student from the perspective of those who have successfully been through the process.