A critical aspect of your professional presence, your resume is a document that articulates and markets your professional skills and accomplishments to a prospective employer.  Your resume should change to meet requirements of different positions and should be updated as you gain experiences.  Ultimately, your finished document should help you stand out from other applicants.

When printing a resume sample, please click "fit to page" to ensure an accurate document view.

At the graduate level, resumes will vary greatly based on your experience and your professional goals.  These samples serve as illustrations of graduate resumes, but please make an appointment to speak with a career counselor about your unique background and experience and the best way to strategically place that on your resume.

Before uploading your resume to SJUcareers or sending it to an employer, check your document against this checklist to make sure you’ve included everything and are following best practices.  For an explanation of best practices and a list of action verbs to help generate ideas for descriptive bullet points the Guide to Writing Resumes.

If you are an international student, please view the Resumes for International Students webinar to learn more about best practices for resumes in the United States

Now that you’ve written a first draft, get your resume critiqued!  An online resume critique through SJUcareers provides general feedback on formatting and basic best practicesMeeting a counselor during drop-in hours provides you with specific feedback tailored to your goals