According to Drake Beam Morin (career management firm), 60-80% of jobs are filled without ever being advertised. Networking is the key to identifying these opportunities and taking your career to the next level, whether you're a student looking for your first internship or a professional looking to transition to a new role. 

While it is important to use networking to land a job, you should be in the habit of networking before you start searching, as it's an ongoing process that should be a part of your everyday life.  Having a robust professional network that you continue to connect and share with, allows you to tap into its resources as needed, and keeps you from scrambling to build your network when you suddenly find that you need a little professional help, or a job.  For more information on how to use your professional network outside of the job search, check out our informational interviewing page.

Check out our Key Suggestions for Enhancing Your Networking Activity.

Online networking is a powerful strategy for job seekers, entrepreneurs and other professionals:

SJU Connects

SJU Connects:  Schedule a Career Conversation, Resume Review, or Mock Interview with alumni in your industry using this online, alumni advisory platform.  Browse profiles of alumni who elected to join this group and book a consultation.  No more wondering if you'll get a response - SJU Connects manages the appointment scheduling, streamlining the process so you can focus on professional connections. Click here to get started on SJU Connects.  Want an overview first?  Click here for best-practice tips for using SJU Connects.

CareerShift: Manage your job search and identify contacts for informational interviews and networking purposes. Login to your SJUcareers account to access CareerShift and be sure to read our Tips for Using CareerShift Effectively.

LinkedIn is another great tool to use when building your professional reputation online and networking. Regardless of your major, you should integrate LinkedIn into your job and internship strategy, as professionals from all industries and sectors are represented on the site.

LinkedIn  LinkedIn

The Office of Alumni Relations and the Career Development Center host a networking space on LinkedIn exclusive to students, alumni and members of the SJU community. Participation in the Hawk Career Network will allow you to enhance your professional relationships and stay connected to classmates, alumni and other members of the SJU community.  Click on the icon above to login/create an account, and join the Hawk Career Network.

Use these LinkedIn resources to support your professional networking strategy.

LinkedIn Etiquette Guide

Tips for Job Seekers on LinkedIn

Conducting Employer Research on LinkedIn

Training Modules and Webinars

After you've established yourself on LinkedIn, you may want to consider some additional social media networking strategies.  Utilizing social media in your internship/job search, as well as to network and establish yourself as a brand, can be very effective if done properly.

To make an appointment to speak with a Career Counselor about your networking strategy, please call (610) 660-3100.