Interview Prep

"So tell me about yourself..." The interview is your opportunity to “sell yourself” in person. Your cover letter, resume, and networking have gotten you this far. Now is the time for you to verbally communicate why a particular organization should hire you. Perhaps the most important key to succeeding in the interview process is to be well-prepared. Questions will usually cover five areas: education; experience; career goals; skills and abilities; and knowledge of the organization. It is critical to able to effectively communicate how your background is relevant to the position and the goals of the organization. The interview process is also a two-way street; not only are you being interviewed, but you should also take advantage of the opportunity to evaluate the job and employer to ensure it is a good match for you. For more information, read our online Guide to Interviewing.

In addition, review the following pages to help you prepare for and be successful throughout the interviewing process:

Informational Interviews
Informational Interviewing is an excellent way for you to network, as well as learn about different major and career options.

On-Campus Interviewing Program

The On-Campus Interviewing Program brings over 80 employers representing a variety of industries each year to campus to interview current SJU students for internship and full time positions.  Click here for more information.

After viewing the presentation, contact the Career Development Center if you have any questions: