Internship Resources

The Career Development Center at Saint Joseph’s University strongly supports the University initiative for students to have access to as well as participate in experiential learning opportunities. The “Internship Program at Saint Joseph’s University” was conceived to prepare students to engage in at least two such opportunities during their undergraduate experience at Saint Joseph’s. In conjunction with this effort, we strive to provide a number of resources for faculty members interested in advising students around as well as expanding and/or building internship opportunities into their students’ curricular experience.

The Internship Defined

The Council on the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education gives a clear review of the true nature and intention of an “internship:”

What distinguishes internships from other forms of active learning is that there is a degree of supervision and self-study that allows students to “learn by doing” and to reflect upon that learning in a way that achieves certain learning goals and objectives. Feedback for improvement and the development or refinement of learning goals is also essential. What distinguishes an intern from a volunteer is the deliberative form of learning that takes place. There must be a balance between learning and contributing, and the student, the student’s institution, and the internship placement site must share in the responsibility to ensure that the balance is appropriate and that the learning is of sufficiently high quality to warrant the effort, which might include academic credit.

--From the Council on the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education, Self-Assessment Guide for Internship Programs