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Student Development Objectives

While your student is at Saint Joseph’s University, you can expect him/her to grow and develop in many ways. For some the change will happen seemingly overnight. For others it may take longer, but changes do occur in many ways, including:

Confidence – As students are required to take care of their own needs, make their own decisions and find their way through the institutional maze, they will begin to become more confident in their abilities to accomplish these and other tasks, and rely less on parents and others for answers.

Competence – Success breeds success. Once students have mastered tasks involved with managing their own lives, they will build upon these strengths to develop and refine higher-level and more complex skills. They will select a major that fits well with their skills and aptitude and become an expert in their field.

Identity – Students no longer solely find their identity as a member of a family, or even as part of a team or a class. While these connections remain important, students more fully refine their own attitudes, beliefs and values and begin to shape themselves into distinct individuals.

Purpose – With confidence and competence, students begin to understand their place and purpose in the world and establish what has meaning for them, how they want to live their lives and how they want to make their mark on the world.