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Parent's Role in Transition

As difficult as it may be, it is time to let go once again.  Just as you were thrilled, and a little nervous, with your child’s first step, going away to college is another first step toward adulthood. Allow your student to take that step, to try new things, to develop as the awesome person you know he or she can be. Support your student's efforts at independence and celebrate accomplishments together.

Encourage your student to stay on campus and to be involved with campus activities, recreation and intramurals and service projects. Help your student to make Saint Joseph's University a home.  And come back to campus to see your student and his/her new friends on Family Weekend, at basketball games and at other key campus events.

Encourage your student to learn about and utilize the campus' extensive resources:   Academic Advisors, Professors, the Residence Life staff, the Learning Resource Center, the Office of Multicultural Life and Campus Ministry, to name just a few.

Support the process of your student becoming an effective decision maker. When your student shares a concern or problem ask, “So, what are you going to do about it?” Be a listening ear and an advisor, but refrain from stepping in to solve the problem at hand. 

Confronting challenges, with your support, will help students become effective navigators of their own lives--growing increasingly self-sufficient, but always thankful for the opportunities and trust they have been given (by parents and by the University) to stand on their own.