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National Recycling day - November 15th, 2010

Check out the events going on throughout campus, sponsered by the SJU sustainability committee of Recycling!

November 15th Events at SJU

Thursday, July 29th - The Writing Instruments Brigade is at SJU!

SJU is now a member of Office Depot's Terra Cycle Program. We are enrolled in 'The Writing Instruments Brigade'.

We will begin recycling all brands of pens, pencils, sharpies, dry erase markers and Dry -Line(non liquid) correction along with the packaging.

Terra Cycle will donate .02 to SJU Sustainability fund for each pen, pencil, sharpie,dry erase, dry line correction received. Packaging is calculated by weight, not item.Hopefully, we will have 50- 75 hosts locations throughout campus, similar to the ink / toner cartridge locations.

This is an opportunity to turn your old pens, pens in to new products by 'upcycling'( process of using waste in its existing form to create new products). Recycling by contrast, breaks the existing material down( e.g. plastic bottles turned into plastic pellets) so that the material can be formed into new products.

This is the time of year each office and department is placing Office Depot orders for the beginning of the semester. We need 50 -75 cartons to collect the items.

Terra Cycle recommends the cartons that paper reams arrive in, whether it be Office Depot or Hammermill. Please let me know if you receive your paper order and want to donate your carton(s) to this worthy cause.

If you are interested in hosting a location, please contact Mary Feeney at You will receive a carton properly labeled. You will not be responsible to ship the carton. The cartons will be collected as soon as it it filled and replaced with a new one.

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE -Look for flyers throughout campus

Sneaker Recycling - GOING ON NOW!!!

Have those old sneakers of your been sitting in your closet all semester?  Instead of pitching them, why not recycle them!  Click here for details!

Every bit counts!  See what we mean...