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Working Group on Green Space

Mission statement for the Sustainability Working Group on Green Space

The Green Space Working Group is committed to the preservation and thoughtful use of existing green space on the campus of Saint Joseph's University.  The Catholic and Jesuit values of Saint Joseph's University guide our work.  Our mission is to preserve and enhance the aesthetic beauty of the campus through the education of the campus community. We will also identify and promote efforts to increase the amount of green space on campus for the enjoyment of the community and the protection of the environment.

Current sustainability efforts relating to green space at SJU include:

  • Composting of all leaf litter, tree branches, etc.
  • Use of best practices for grounds maintenance including minimal use of fertilizer and pesticides
  • Reduced use of mulch in planting beds
  • Increased planting of perennials, including native species
  • Continued practice of planting two new trees for every tree removed from campus
  • Instituted use of porous pavement in sections of Mandeville Hall parking lot