SRFS To Do List

1.  Provide your EMERGENCY CONTACT information

SJU Division of Public Safety encourages you to provide personal emergency contact information for use with the SJU Emergency Notification System.  Providing current information is the best way to ensure you will be reached in the event of an emergency.   Partner with SJU by providing a phone number (preferably a cell phone) where you can best be reached.  You may also register other  contacts such as parents or guardians, so that University Officials can communicate with then as well.

  • Log into The Nest
  • Go to the School Servicespage
  • Under Administrative Services
    • Click on Personal Information
    • Select View Emergency Contacts
    • Follow the instructions

2.  Give permission to share Academic/Financial Information

SJU generally cannot, by federal law (FERPA), discuss your academic or financial records with a third party, including your parents.  To authorize SJU to share academic/financial data with a parent, guardian, sponsor or other party, you must designate them explicitly.

3.  If you are considering a payment plan for the first time to pay your account balance you must enroll with Tuition Management Systems (TMS).

        Click here to go to TMS and provide the necessary information for payment plan enrollment.

4.  Set up Direct Deposit of your Student Account Refunds(s)

Sign up for Direct Deposit to securely deposit funds from SJU to your U.S. bank account.  Whether you are entitled to a refund due to overpayment of your student account, receive wages under a University work arrangement, or are due any other University reimbursement, you will need to sign up for direct deposit to receive the funds.  Enroll as soon as possible, using a bank local to SJU, or one of your own choosing.

5.  Review your Personal Profile

  • Log into The Nest
  • Go to the School Services paage
  • Under Administrative Services
    • Select Personal Information
    • View and update your biographical and demographic information that is on file with the University.