Apply for Financial Aid

Apply for aid

To apply for Financial Aid you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid available at

Saint Joseph's University's school code is 003367.

  • When filling out the FAFSA, you will be prompted to link to the IRS website, which will display your tax information and give you the option of transferring the data to your FAFSA. We recommend taking advantage of the IRS Data Retrieval option if you and/or your parents have filed your 2015 taxes prior to completing the FAFSA. If you are selected for verification and opted out of the IRS Data Retrieval process, you will have to submit an IRS tax transcript directly from the IRS to complete the federal verification process. Click here to determine if you are eligilbe to use the Data Retrieval tool.

An email notification will be sent to your SJU email account when packages are available to view and accept. If you have any questions please contact Hawk Central.

To accept your aid online via The Nest:

  • Log into The Nest
  • Select the Tuition & Aid Page
  • Choose Accept/Decline Financial Aid Award
  • Select the 2016-2017 Aid Year, if this is the first time you are logging into the 2016-2017 aid year, you are required to answer the Cash Management Statement
  • Once you answer and submit, the Award Offer tab will be available
  • Select the Accept Award Offer tab
  • From here, please accept the desired aid and submit
If you have questions please contact Hawk Central at or 610-660-2000.

To view required documents for Federal Verification:

  • Log into The Nest
  • Select the Tuition & Aid Page
  • Under Financial Aid requirements your documents will be listed.
  • Once the required documents are satisfied there will be a green check
  • Please submit signed documents within 45 business days by mail, email: or fax  at 610-660-1019.

For new student borrowers who are accepting Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans:

  • Go to and select the green Log-in button.
  • FAFSA replaced the PIN used previously with a username and password called the FSA ID.  If you have not yet created a FSA ID for yourself, click here ( and create on before you start your FAFSA.  If you provide parent infomration on your FAFSA, your parent should get his or her own FSA ID.
  • Complete Entrance Loan Counseling.
  • Sign a Master Promissory Note for Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized loans.
  • These online forms MUST be completed to receive Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized funds even if you have a promissory note on file with a previous lender.

To calculate the amount needed for a Parent PLUS loan or alternative loan:

  • Take the Cost of Attendance (COA) figure listed in your Financial Aid Award package  in The Nest under the Award Overview tab
  • Subtract total accepted grants, scholarships and federal student loans
  • Do not include work study funds in this calculation. These funds are paid directly to students as earned.
  • This figure is your "out of pocket" expenses that you may choose to finance.
  • Apply for the Parent PLUS loan at and select the green Log-in button. 
  • If applying for the Parent Plus loan please remember the parent must log in with the parent's name using the parent's FSA ID.
  • Students must research and choose a lender for alternative loans, then notify once the funds are approved.