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Tuition Exchange and FACHEX Program

What is tuition exchange? Both Tuition Exchange and FACHEX are programs designed to offer competitive scholarships to children of current full-time faculty, administrators and staff to participating colleges/universities.

  • Saint Joseph 's University participates in two exchange programs: Tuition Exchange and FACHEX.
  • Tuition Exchange is a partnership of approximately 600 colleges and universities offering competitive tuition exchange scholarships.
  • FACHEX is the Jesuit Exchange Program offering competitive exchange scholarships to 27 Jesuit institutions. Georgetown is the only school that is not a participating member of the FACHEX Program.
  • Full-time faculty, administrators and support staff who have completed 4 years of continuous full-time employment at Saint Joseph 's University.
  • The child must qualify as your dependent per IRS definition in the current calendar year.
  • Continued full-time employment

NOTE: Eligibility for the Tuition Exchange and FACHEX Programs allows your dependent child an opportunity to apply for a scholarship; it does not guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded. Most member colleges and universities are able to offer a limited number of Tuition Exchange and FACHEX Scholarships.


  • Tuition Exchange and FACHEX Scholarships are competitive. Scholarships are limited and offers are based on a student's academic record. Some schools will give consideration to geographical diversity, athletic ability, academic major, etc.


  • Tuition Exchange and FACHEX scholarships are granted to incoming freshmen for 4 years of undergraduate study. The opportunity to receive an exchange scholarship as an upperclassman or transfer student depends upon the import needs of a given institution; in general, it is more difficult to receive an exchange scholarship as an upperclassman.

NOTE: Most institutions do not include study abroad within the scope of the exchange scholarship. To discuss study abroad options as an exchange student, please contact The Center for International Programs or the Director of Financial Assistance.


FACHEX Scholarships cover full tuition; they do not cover special fees, room, board or course overloads.

  • Tuition Exchange Scholarships cover either full tuition charges or the set rate of tuition; they do not cover room, board, course overloads or other fees. Each year the TE Board of Directors establishes a set rate for TE scholarships. Some colleges with tuition that is higher than the set rate may require partial payment in addition to the TE Scholarship. Some colleges may include certain incentives as part of their TE Scholarship i.e. partial room and board. It is the host college that determines the exact value of the TE Scholarship it awards. All colleges/universities are required to offer the set rate determined by the TE Board of Directors. The student is notified of the exact value once the host college approves an Application/Certification Form. TE Scholarships are not subject to taxation.


  • 1. Complete the new one step application for Tuition Exchange and FACHEX Scholarship programs.
  • 2. Deliver a copy of your most recent IRS 1040 Form (top portion of the first page, which lists dependents) to the Office of Human Resources to the attention of Maria Houston. 


TE and FACHEX Scholarship Applications are not a substitute for a given institution's admissions application. Exchange applications may be submitted either before or after the student has made formal application to the selected schools. The Office of Financial Assistance must receive all Tuition Exchange and FACHEX Scholarship Applications no later then December 1 prior to the planned September enrollment.  A good rule of thumb: the earlier one applies ... the better.


  • All renewals must be completed by January 31. The process is the same as above, the only difference is that you will be completing a renewal form.
  • Should you have any questions, please feel free to call Hawk Central at X2000.