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Smoking Policy

Background and Purpose


It is the intent of this policy to promote a healthier environment for all members of the Saint Joseph's University community, and to protect the health of non-smokers. Medical evidence clearly shows that smoking is harmful to the health of smokers and non-smokers alike. It is also an irritant to many non-smokers and can worsen allergy conditions. In sufficient concentrations, secondhand smoke may be harmful to those with chronic heart or lung disease. In addition, there is evidence that long term exposure to secondhand smoke may seriously threaten the health of non-smokers.



The definition of smoking includes the inhaling and carrying of any lit cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.



Saint Joseph's University considers the needs and concerns of smokers, and non-smokers alike, in providing a healthful campus environment. All Saint Joseph's University students, faculty, staff, contractors and guests are expected to comply with these regulations:

·         Smoking is ONLY permitted in the outdoor locations with a sign that designates a smoking area. These areas are located far enough away from doorways, open windows and ventilation systems to prevent smoke from entering University buildings and facilities. Smokers are responsible to dispose of waste in proper receptacles;

·         All University buildings, including academic, administrative, athletic facilities and residence areas are smoke free;

·         Smoking is not permitted:

o   in University vehicles, including buses and vans;

o   on any athletic or intramural field including the spectator viewing areas in the immediate vicinity of the fields.

·         No employee or contractor may smoke while they are in the conduct of their job (aside from break periods in designated smoking areas) whether they work inside or outdoors.

·         The advertisement, sale or promotion of tobacco products on campus and the sponsoring of campus events by tobacco companies or tobacco-promoting organizations is not permitted.

Responsibility and Enforcement

Notice of this policy is to be provided to all students, faculty, staff and contractors through established communication channels.

This policy relies on the thoughtfulness and consideration of smokers and non-smokers. All members of the university community and guests of the University are responsible for observing this policy.

The Environmental Compliance Officer has overall responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of this policy. Concerns regarding the policy should be referred to that office in Moore Hall at 610-660-3037. Enforcement concerns for faculty and staff should be referred to Human Resources and for students to the Office of Community Standards.