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Salary Payment

Saint Joseph’s University makes every effort to pay employees correctly.  This includes accurately collecting tax withholdings, voluntary deductions requested by employees, and overtime due to non-exempt employees, as well as ensuring that exempt employees are paid on a salary basis.

The University will not make any deductions from exempt employees’ salaries that are prohibited by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or applicable state law.  As a general rule, no deduction will be taken from an exempt employee’s pay for absences of less than a full day.  One exception is that an exempt employee’s pay may be subject to deductions for absences of less than a full day to the extent such absences are covered by the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.  Examples of other permissible deductions are those for full-day absences for personal reasons or after an employee has exhausted paid leave under a sickness or disability plan or policy.

Please review your pay stub regularly for any problem or error. If you believe that an improper deduction has been made to your salary, or there is any other problem or error, you should immediately report this information to your department head and the Payroll Office.  Your report will be promptly investigated. If it is determined that an improper deduction or other error has occurred, the University will take appropriate corrective action (including providing reimbursement for improper deductions or other errors) and will make concerted efforts to ensure correct and proper payment going forward.