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Faculty Benefits and Policies


Continuation of Health Coverage
Dental Insurance
Healthcare Rates
Healthcare Spending
Medical Insurance
Vision Program


Family and Medical Leave (Family and Medical Leave - Frequently Asked Questions)
Sick Leave (effective June 1, 2005)
Short-Term Disability (effective June 1, 2005)
Long-Term Disability (effective June 1, 2005)
Parental and Family Care Leave (effective June 1, 2005)
Employee Assistance Program
Leaves and Credited Services
PA Worker's Compensation Act


Athletics/Recreational Privileges
Automobile and Credit Union
Child Care
Dependent Care Assistance Plan
Section 125 Plan
Pay Periods
Home Buy Now
Parking and Transit Benefit


Homeowners Insurance
Life Insurance
Long Term Disability Insurance


Family and Medical Leave Policy
Mission/Community Service Leave
Statement Prohibiting Discrimination
Sexual Offense Policy
Smoking Policy
Policy Prohibiting Harassment
Drug and Alcohol
Salary Payment


High School Benefits
Tuition Benefits - Employee
Tuition Benefits - Family


457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan
Mortgages and Refinancing
Regular Retirement Plan
Salary Reduction Agreement
Social Security and Medicare
Supplemental Retirement Plan
U.S. Savings Bonds