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Department of Health, Safety & Environmental Compliance

Department of Health, Safety & Environmental Compliance


The Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance Department (HSE) at Saint Joseph's University has been established to provide assistance to all Departments, employees and students to insure that the University's commitment to health, safety and environmental protection is achieved.

The HSE Department provides the expertise and guidance to University staff under the direction of the Director, Health and Safety/ Environmental Compliance Officer, reporting to the Vice President of Administrative Services. Policy decisions are coordinated with the University Safety and Environmental Committees.



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Evacuation Maps with AED Locations  

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Training Announcement

The schedule for Health, Safety and Environmental training for 2014 will be piblished in January, 2014


  To register for these training classes click this link



For details, registration and full schedule for 2013 training Click here: Training



Workplace Safety Meeting Minutes

Minutes for Workplace Safety Meetings can be accessed by employees through this link: Workplace Safety Meeting


Emergency Response

For quick access to the SJU Emergency Response Plan Click here:  Emergency Response