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Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan (SPCC)


Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) is prepares, maintains, and follows a SPCC Plan since greater than 1,320 gallons of various oils are stored aboveground and underground.  The Plan is put in place in the event of an oil discharge that might potentially impact SJU’s stormwater system which discharges to local surface water bodies including the Schuylkill River to the East, and Cobb’s Creek, a tributary to the Schuylkill River to the North and West of SJU.  The remainder of the SPCC Plan describes SJU’s procedures, which have been developed to comply with the regulations codified under Federal law as published in 40 CFR 112.  This Plan will be used to train personnel to ensure their awareness and understanding of the SPCC regulations.

SJU, located in Lower Merion Township, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties, Pennsylvania (Figure 1), is a 103-acre campus that consists of 88 buildings, recreational fields and stadium. SJU is bordered by N Latchs Lane to the North, Wynnefield Avenue and Overbrook Avenue to the South, Old Lancaster Road to the East, and N 59th Street to the West.  SJU’s total aboveground and underground oil storage volume is over 43,000 gallons and includes the following containers with capacities at or exceeding 55-gallons:  electrical transformers containing mineral oil, #2 fuel oil aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) for heating various buildings and to supply fuel to an emergency generator, diesel fuel ASTs for maintenance equipment, a gasoline AST for maintenance equipment, and automotive virgin oil drums and cafeteria waste oil drums.

The Oil Pollution Prevention Regulation was developed in order to (1) prevent oil discharges from reaching navigable waterways (defined to include, but not limited to: lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands) and adjoining shorelines, and (2) to ensure effective response to oil discharges.

The full text of the SJU SPCC Manual can be read by opening the link:

SPCC Manual

Emergency Procedures Manual

The Emergency Procedures Manual describes the University's response to and mitigation of incidents involving hazardous materials. The plan is designed to minimize hazards to human health, the environment and property. The plan contains detailed emergency information and must be updated annually. Copies of the plan are available from the HSE Department

An SJU website has also been established for the Emergency Preparedness Plan. Access this site here.