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“The Politics of Conflicting Dinner Parties” exhibits the works of the senior art majors at Saint Joseph’s University, the culmination of their year-long senior capstone course. The personality of the artists and their works can be seen in their collective choice of an exhibition name. The name of the show was randomly created, but it reflects how the students worked with each other throughout the whole process. Throughout the year, these students and their professor, Ron Klein, collaborated and provided feedback through each step. The students choose a medium and spend the beginning part of the year deciding the focus and subject matter. The process builds on the experience they have accumulated through their four years and develops their own sense of identity as an artist.

While each display is different, many common themes thread through the works. Nika Verrastro and Emily Roberts chose to analyze perceptions of beauty, inviting viewers to challenge their own perceptions. Marisa Angela hopes her work will make a change in health care, while Ashley Alden and Meghan Burke focus on different issues of equality. The works of Mary Kate Daly, Kayla Charles, and Sequoia Collier-Hezel expresses the artists’ personal beliefs. Daly and Charles aim to express and externalize their personal responses and stories. Collier-Hezel showcases his view of beauty and belief that everything can be art through his paintings and sculpture.  The display in Merion allows the students to learn the dynamics of presenting to a high-traffic area and diverse audience.


                                                                                                ~ Madeleine Keogh (class of 2015)
                                                                                                Gallery Exhibition Research Assistant


The seniors presented are: 

Ashley Alden Ivyland, PA (painting)

Marisa Angela Media, PA (painting)

Meghan Burke Manasquan, NJ (ceramics)

Kayla Charles East Norriton, PA (drawing)

Sequoia Collier-Hezel Buffalo, NY (painting)

Mary Kate Daly West Hartford, CT (painting)

Emily Roberts Upper Saddle River, NJ (photography)

Nika Verrastro Scranton, PA (painting)


April 10May 16, 2015

ReceptionFriday, April 10, 5-9 PM Merion Hall


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