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"Minimal Landscapes"
Paintings by Alex Losett
August 18 - September 19, 2014
Reception: Sept 4, 6-8 pm 
"Cobble Creek" 2013 oil on canvas 30 x 38"                   


 - Molly Ledbetter, Gallery Exhibition Research Assistant

In her stunning collection of “Minimal Landscapes,” artist Alex Losett recalls and records moments as she has herself experienced them in nature.  She heavily encourages viewers to do the same, to find a personal connection with the art.  It is for this reason that all of the paintings depict general enough themes. Each painting may evoke different memories or connections for different sets of eyes, depending on the observer’s background or experience. 

Most of these images come from the Delaware Water Gap region of Pennsylvania where Losett spent countless hours exploring and capturing the beauty of these “pristine vistas” on camera to later use as inspiration in the studio—where she sifted through thousands of photos in search of the twelve she ultimately chose. While very conscious of the environmental and societal concerns surrounding this region and many forested areas alike, Losett takes on a more child-like innocence in creating and appreciating this series: “Nothing is really ‘pristine,’ but there is no harm in entertaining the concept as long as we are conscious of its limitations…after all, no one can get infected from a painted stream,” said Losett in an interview about the series.  The motivation comes largely from her upbringing and understanding of nature as an “escape” from the constraints of the real world.  It’s important to value the innate beauty of something so precious and, occasionally, fleeting in our world.  


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