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Sculpture by Lindsay Carone

November 10 - December 10, 2014
Reception: Thursday, Nov 13, 6-8 pm


Recently, I began to take note of building blocks made from stacks of loose rocks wrapped in wire frames, often used alongside highways to prevent hills from crumbling into the roadway. These blocks seemed to be a pragmatic application of weaving in an infrastructure context. I was struck by the translation of this process -- how the simple act of weaving, typically associated with pliability, softness, and a domestic sensibility, could lend such incredible rigidity and strength in an industrial setting.


These blocks, called gabions, stuck with me and have become the foundation for this body of work. Exploring relationships between weaving and mass, between tensile and compressive forces, these works use both the form and image of the gabion as a starting point. These works have been woven, knitted, sewn, and wrapped together using plastics, textiles, and various construction materials to merge a quirky, homespun aesthetic with the utilitarian form and function of the gabion.


In a larger sense, the gabion mirrors a complex dynamic between nature and man’s attempt to tame it, but also blend into it. Their relatively unobtrusive buffer marks an ambiguous territory that we are conditioned to ignore. I am interested in patterns of infrastructure that enable the complex grid of our convenient and hyper-connected modern culture. I am amazed by the subtlety and incomprehensible magic of this dynamic network. Surrounded by overhead wires, underground pipes, and invisible signals in the air, I want to explore this apparent subtlety. By zooming in and recontextualizing one small component of this system, I attempt to make the out-of-sight, out-of-mind a little bit more tangible.


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