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Student Work: Traditional Photography I

Professor: Susan Fenton



In this exhibition, students were asked to take pictures that demonstrate formal concerns and psychic impact. Most students took their photos on a whim, an ideal situation to capture something in motion. Here, these photos utilize lines and frames to enhance its intended image. Note that most of these students are not art majors and some haven’t done traditional photography before taking the class. Even with little experience in traditional photography, they were still able to take quality photos. Each student was able to take a photo that not only met the requirements for the assignment, but also demonstrated their potential in photography. The photos in this collection are each unique in that each student took the photo based on their own personal motives giving the photo an essence of their own self. Their photos differed from one another in style and in content based on how they decided to take the photo. The photos are each original in their own way because of each students individuality. Although most haven’t chosen this art as a profession for the future, they still show potential. Here, the student’s works are displayed with each photo consisting of a different image, emotion, and style.

~ Peter Pham, ’18

Gallery Exhibition Research Assistant



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