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Junior Art Majors' Exhibit

Jordan Strode

The junior art show includes a plethora of unique pieces created by Art Majors, Jordan Strode, Victoria Gavila, Emily Seidman, Madeline Kim and Elizabeth Ginsberg. Under the guidance of various art professors, the students created these pieces during different stages of their three years at SJU. A wide range of mediums, styles, and techniques are represented, and the diversity of each piece showcases the individual’s talent. There is no particular theme for the show and students were free to choose what he or she wanted to portray and express to the viewer. As a result of artist’s ability to choose his or her subject, the works being displayed resonate more with the viewer and leave a lasting affect.

                                                                                                ~ Lizzy Ginsberg (class of 2016)
Gallery Exhibition Research Assistant

Victoria Gavila

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