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For as long as I have created photographs I have photographed the figure, my own figure. There is a certain amount of callousness I have towards my own body that I would be unable to have for another’s. This helps the photographs it does not limit what I can appropriately ask of my “model”. My work requires a certain amount of physicality and sometimes a level of physical discomfort. The juxtaposition between “the figure” and the space is a reoccurring theme in the work I create. I am constantly exploring “the figure’s” relationship to different spaces.  I often choose to work in spaces that are abandoned, private or incredibly simple. I strive to create photographs that have a certain formality when it comes to composition. I feel the photographs reflect my own introverted awkwardness .



Erin E. Ryan graduated from Saint Joe's in 2005 and went on to receive her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania.  She currently teaches high school photography in North Carolina and is a freelance photographer.

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