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Forms for Changing Status

For various reasons, students may choose to change their status with the University.

Leave of Absence

A student may be granted a leave of absence from the day colleges upon application to the appropriate Dean no later than the last day to add or drop a course. The leave of absence will be granted for one semester and may be renewed once.

While a student is on an official Leave of Absence, federally funded loans will not be subject to repayment.

A student may not take classes at another institution and transfer those credits back to Saint Joseph’s University while on a Leave of Absence.

In making this decision, a student should consult with his/her academic advisor. A Leave must be approved by the Academic Dean. A continuing registration fee is charged for each semester of leave.

Leave of Absence form [pdf] [doc]

Withdrawal from all Classes

A student wishing to withdraw from all classes must do so within the withdraw period, which ends two weeks after the end of the quarter.

When a student withdrawals from all classes he / she is still considered an active student for the semester of the withdrawal.

In making this decision, a student should consult with his/her academic advisor. The Academic Dean in Arts & Sciences or the Advising Center in HSB will coordinate with the Registrar’s office to process the withdrawal from all courses.

Withdrawal from all Classes form [pdf] [doc]

Withdrawal from the University

To officially withdraw from Saint Joseph's University a student is required to meet with the Office of Student Success to complete the exit process.

Withdrawal from the University form [pdf] [doc]