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Frank Bernt

Dr. Frank Bernt

Moral and religious education; and assessment of affective outcomes.



Dr. Janine Firmender

My research interests focus on gifted education and mathematics education at the elementary and early childhood levels, including gifted and elementary mathematics pedagogy and curriculum.

Dr. Stacy Olitsky

Dr. Stacy Olitsky


Dr. Deborah Valentine

I would be glad to work with students who would be interested in doing historical research, archival and/or oral histories, on childhoods, play advocacy and playground development in the early twentieth century.  I focus especially on the role of African American children and female early childhood educators in Philadelphia's play movement, so we could focus a project in those directions.  Or we could focus more on ideas about play on the national scene using national publications as primary sources. A final option would be a focus on conducting oral history interviews with people who played at Smith Playground, Soupy Island or Starr Garden playgrounds and doing an analysis of those.