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Business Laptop Program

Welcome Class of 2018 and all new students!  The Laptop Program is here to help you with all of your technology needs.  Questions?  Contact or 610-660-1678.

All Business Majors are required to have a laptop with Windows, but are not required to purchase through the SJU Laptop Program.  

Non-Business Majors also invited to take part in the Laptop Program!

Saint Joseph's University partners with CDW-G to provide technology.  The store will be open later this spring for the Class of 2018.  

Are you a current student looking for a new laptop?  Contact CDW-G directly. 
Joe Poremba, CDW-G Account Manager 866-873-9877

2014 Models to be announced in Spring 

Comparison of benefits purchasing through Laptop Program

Note:  You are strongly encouraged to add the optional 4-year warranty to your purchase. The 4-year warranty protects you against hardware failure and accidental damage for 4 full years!  Students with a valid warranty are also offered free loaner laptops when their system is sent out for repair.


MacBooks are not recommended for HSB students. Are you a Business Major and a Mac user?  If so, check out
SJU 2013 Recommendations.

Any questions?  Call or email the Laptop office at 610-660-1678 |