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How to Apply

It is best to follow the four steps listed below:

  1. Begin the process as early as you feasibly can, since you will be under pressure at the same time to do your required class work as well as engage in extra-curricular activities. Beginning the process early cannot be stressed enough.
  2. Consult with the suggested SJU Resource Person listed after each fellowship / scholarship / summer internship, in order to make sure that you meet the criteria established for the grant you have chosen and to receive any pertinent advice.
  3. Download and read carefully the rules for applying for the particular fellowship / scholarship / summer internship in question. In some cases you can apply online directly; in other cases you can download the application forms, fill them out, and submit them by regular mail. You need to look particularly at the deadline for submitting an application and the number of letters of recommendation you will need. It is only polite to ask for letters of recommendation approximately 6 weeks to one month in advance of the deadline. In addition, it is to your advantage to give the letter-writer a copy of your proposal (if you, in fact, need to submit one), plus an unofficial copy of your grades and a curriculum vitae. With these in hand, someone writing a letter of recommendation will be able to do so in a more discerning way.
  4. Once you have decided to apply for a fellowship / scholarship / summer internship of any sort, please contact the Director of Fellowships, Rev. Patrick Samway, S.J., so that he can guide you through the process. Experience has shown that some application processes can be tricky (for example, both a hard copy and an electronic copy must be submitted), particularly when it involves an official nomination by SJU. Also some application guidelines are not always perfectly clear, and thus seeking the guidance of Father Samway will help you avoid regretful mistakes.