Honors Program

Alpha Sigma Nu

Application Overview and Timeline

Application Process:

Saint Joseph’s University juniors and seniors who have a G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher are invited by formal invitation to apply in the Summer; these applications must be submitted through the online form (which can be found to the right) by September 9th. After the applications have been evaluated, certain students will be invited to interview in late September and early October with present officers, as well as with SJU Jesuits, faculty, staff, and administrators. Applicants who are studying abroad in the fall are encouraged to apply. Their interview will take place via phone or Skype. A final decision will be made after the interview process has finished, no later than November 11th. Further, the President of Saint Joseph’s University is annually accorded the privilege of nominating from the scholastic eligibility list not more than three additional candidates for membership. The President must approve the list of candidates nominated.
Have a question about the application process? Email us at alphasigmanu@sju.edu.

This year's essay prompt: In 250 words or less, describe how our Jesuit heritage has influenced your time at Saint Joseph's and challenged you to grow.

Criteria for admission: 

The Alpha Sigma Nu by-laws state in Section 3.1

Qualifications for membership shall be based on scholarship, loyalty and service in the institution or community.

  • Scholarship means a notably above-average interest and proven intellectual competence.
  • Loyalty means a demonstrated commitment to Jesuit ideals of higher education —intellectual, moral, social and religious.
  • Service means a proven concern for others demonstrated by activities in support of the institution or the community.


Timeline for Admission to the Society:


July 3 Formal invitations to apply sent to Juniors and Seniors with 3.5 GPA

August 29th
September 4th 

Information session held during Free Period (Sunroom 1)
Information session held from 5:30-6:30pm (Sunroom 1)

September 9th Deadline to submit the online application
September 20th After review, decisions on applicants who will be offered an interview are made
September 23rd-October 11th Half-hour interviews are held
November 11th
Final decisions made
February 16th Induction Mass and Ceremony 11am